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An easy to use application that helps cattle farmers to manage and improve the quality of their grazing land. Receive timely and actionable insights specific to your grazing land, taking into consideration the historic activity and climatic conditions.

What you get!

Everything you need to help you farm better.

Pasture Profiling & Reports

Pasture Profiling & Reports

You can finally get a good understanding of your pasture, no more guessing! SimplyGraze gives you a full profile of your pasture, you’ll know everything you need to know, to make informed decisions. The aerial map gives you a full view of your land. This is accompanied by a full and in-depth-pasture profile, this is how you’ll get to know its history, how it has been used, based on grazing history & climatic patterns. The monthly reports come with analytics and actionable insights, detailing the health of vegetation, nutritional value, soil health and moisture content. This helps you to track and predict the changes to the quality of your land. Weather monitoring has never been this easy! You’ll have your very own weather dashboard to monitor and track historic weather patterns up to the present day. To keep you informed at all times, SimplyGraze will send you notifications of critical events and reminders of activities and tasks.

Pasture Management Plan

Pasture Management Plan

The pasture management plan gives you a customized land and vegetation management plan, specific to your type of farm operation, the farming season and climate conditions. You’ll simply monitor & manage the carrying capacity & stocking rate. SimplyGraze suggests optimal stocking rates based on current and historic status of the land and expected weather patterns, taking into account the cumulative effects of past climatic conditions and grazing activity. You can finally easily identify and manage high stress areas and unwanted plants, the app will point you to the exacts spots that need attention.

Grazing Plan

Grazing Plan

You get a customised grazing plan that meets the needs of your specific breed of cattle, also informed by the farming season and farming operation. SimplyGraze will suggest the most optimal grazing strategy. You’ll have a proper and informed plan, so you’ll always know which paddocks to rest and when. The grazing plan also dependent on the status and quality of your pasture, so based on the pasture health, farm season, operation and cattle breed feeding needs, SimplyGraze will suggest the optimal time to introduce supplemental feed. This will allow you to plan ahead and budget accordingly. As a bonus, you also get to see the grazing records for the property over time, including any planned grazes for the near future.

SimplyGraze Plans

Frequent questions

There is no contractual obligations you can end your subscription at any time you want to.
You can grant access to multiple user for reader access only. Administrative access is limited to two users.
The reports you receive depend on the plan you are on. If you are on SimplyGraze essentials, you will receive a new report once a month. However, if you are on the SimplyGraze premium, you receive a report bi-weekly.
The app allows you manage your farms under one account; you can navigate from one farm to another. You may also choose to get a consolidated view.
Billing will depend on the combined size (in hectares) of all your farms.
SimplyGraze will work for any farm in the world.

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